bowflagstreetbanner01_convex BowflagStreetBannerConvex_Blue_Sketch

The Bowflag Street Banner Convex is constructed of fiberglass poles that use pole holder brackets and steel bands to make your client’s Bowflag a street banner display. The 40” steel bands are adjustable so it can be displayed on poles of different diameters. The hardware also allows your client to display this flagpole at several different angles. The custom print measures 2’x7’ and has a convex-shaped bottom edge. It is finished with a reinforced pole tip for extra strength and graphics that extend to the pole sleeve in place of black poly-stretch header tape for a more attractive look as well as additional advertising space. Setting up this flag display is a simple process that takes minutes. The Bowflag Street Banner Convex is great for use indoors or outdoors to line the course for a marathon or to advertise an upcoming street fair or festival.

The Bowflag Street Banner Convex takes the best features of street banners and puts them together with the Bowflag to create one unique flag display. It is constructed of flexible fiberglass poles mounted with pole holder brackets and steel bands. This custom print comes in a single-reverse or double-sided layout and on either our proven flag fabric or special stretch mesh fabric. To assemble this flag display, you start by putting the steel bands through the pole holder brackets and attaching them to the pole. Then just connect the fiberglass poles, secure the print to the hardware with the Bungee Cord, Bungee Cord Tensioner, and Spring Snap, and adjust to the desired angle. Other Bowflag Street Banner shapes are available, such as Concave, Straight, Angled, and Drop. All five shapes accept the same hardware so your client can change the shape of their print without having to get a new pole set.


  • 1.8′ x 6.6′


  • Multiflag® – Knitted polyester fabric with excellent through print and high resistance to tearing

Layout & Finishing

  • Single-reverse – Hemmed sides, left side finished with pole sleeve made of printed flag material with header tape reinforcement tip and rgommet at bottom of print
  • Double-sided – Two prints sewn together with a blocking inner liner, pillow-case style hemmed sides, left side finished with pole sleeve made of printed flag material with header tape reinforcement tip and grommet  at bottom of print

Part Number

  • #H_AC02211


  • 3.5lb


  • (2) Fiberglass poles
  • (2) Pole holder brackets
  • (4) Stainless steel bands
  • Bungee cord with tensioner
  • Spring snap

bowflagstreetbanner01_convexbowflagstreetbanner052 bowflagstreetbanner042 bowflagstreetbanner032 bowflagstreetbanner022 bowflagstreetbanner07_convex bowflagstreetbanner06_convex



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