StreetBanner_Main StreetBanner_Sketch_Main

Street banners integrate into daily routines and are hard to miss, making them an excellent choice for advertising or community decoration. We offer custom street banners and lightpole banners that can provide you a great opportunity to display images anywhere. The simple system attaches seamlessly, allowing our street banners to have a classy, yet natural appearance. The fastening system is flexible but strong, and is usable on many lightpole sizes or other roadside fixtures where street banners are frequently used. Clients and viewers also appreciate that they look great in any season.

Standard Banner Sizes:

  • 1.5ft x 5ft
    (46cm x 152cm)
  • 2ft x 5ft
    (61m x 152cm)
  • 2ft x 8ft
    (61m x 244)
  • 2.5ft x 5ft
    (76cm x 152cm)
  • 2.5ft x 8ft
    (76cm x 244cm)
  • 3ft x 10ft
    (91cm x 305cm)

Hardware Sets:

  • Mounting Bracket Set
    – #AC2201
  • Eyelet Bracket Set
    – #AC2202
  • Aluminum Tube
    – #AC2200
  • Stainless Steel Band
    – #AC2203
  • Polyester Cord

StreetBanner_CloseUp2_MainStreetBanner_CloseUp4_MainStreetBanner_CloseUp5_MainStreetBanner_CloseUp1_MainStreetBanner_Hardware4_Main StreetBanner_Hardware3_Main StreetBanner_Hardware2_Main StreetBanner_Hardware1_Main    StreetBanner_CloseUp3_Main



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