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Car flags are a great way for you to gain exposure while on-the-go. Our Car flags come complete with a car flag holder and a high quality single-reverse or double-sided custom flag made out of strong polyester fabric. Depending on customer preference or order quantity, the printing will be done with screen or digital processes. This guarantees the brightest colors with the highest light fastness available. Give your message double the exposure by choosing double-sided finishing which is available for all Car flags.

Since custom car flags are a cost-efficient way to advertise, many organizations are opting to print graphics for all types of reasons. They can be representing pride in a team or their country or to back a particular political candidate. The possibilities are endless with custom prints since all the control is left in your client’s hands. With installation taking only seconds, flags can be removed and replaced as often as wanted. Because of this flexibility, many delivery services utilize custom printed car flags to help identify company vehicles. Don’t think the small custom car flag is enough exposure? Good news! There is a medium custom car flag available that has a flag print measuring 16”x11” and stands 19” above a car door window. Custom Car Flags are a great way to be recognized but if the budget cannot support custom graphics, the option to purchase a stock color car flag is available. These simple yet vibrant colored car flags attract attention for low-cost and minimal effort. No matter what type of print is chosen, your client is bound to gain publicity everyday with Car Flags!

White, plastic pole with window mount

  • Car Flag S:
    – Length: 12″ (30cm)
  • Car Flag M:
    – Length: 17.3″ (43cm)

Flag Size:

  • Car Flag S:
    11.8″ x 8″ (30cm x 20cm)
  • Car Flag M:
    15.7″ x 11″ (40cm x 28cm)

CarFlag_Main CarFlag_CloseUp6_Main CarFlag_CloseUp5_Main CarFlag_CloseUp4_Main CarFlag_CloseUp3_Main CarFlag_CloseUp1_Main



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